What can I do?
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oI'm at the a&e now waiting to register mom... earlier on the st luke home care nurse came to check on mom n suggested that mom needs immediate medical treatment bcos her bed sores has completely deteriorated, there's a total of 3 sores all not looking good where there's dead skins n body discharge n all n one has a 6cm deep cavity. 

I was rather calm about it n called my bro to explain the situation n told him I'll go ahead n get ready while he helped call for an ambulance to bring mom over. But while preparing lots of thoughts over crowd my mine again... hahaha i'm only human. 

Was reminded how our family testimony was being shared n all over the weekend and the fact that the character Edward actually sound more like me, always questioning God n all and deep down just very angsty about things... I guess it's a never ending faith journey, but honestly it still hurts. 

The first question I asked my bro earlier was what if things become worst next year when u're not around? He evaded the question n said I'm doing well so far being calm n all. I've even came to the conclusion that the worst that could happened is that mom or dad goes... 

Question is, is it wrong to pray that God start preparing me to let go? That whatever hopes that I have deep down should be let go too? Letting go in terms of preparing myself that should one day God decides to bring dad or mom home i'll be able to submit, surrender and let it all out? Perhaps that's why I suggested taking family photo... a step in documenting my memories

On a side note, I've also lost my job offer for next year cos the entire project got canceled. So yea things again r crashing in altogether making it overwhelming. I kinda lost my interest going to Japan too... What can I do?


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What If...
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Had a chance to spend some time with mom while waiting for bro to return home as it's the day when our domestic helper get a day off. So bro basically takes over the role of taking care of mom for the day.

As i was just sitting there enjoying the music together with mom (the radio was on...) she suddenly cried. These are the times that really make me feel very emotional. Especially when i'm not feeling that well myself. I suddenly had a lot of raw emotions flowing towards me again and many questions popped out as usual. I've decided to document them here, just in case God decides to be kind and answer them for me...

Title: What If...
What if you're a person who is very outgoing and sociable only to find that at the end of the day, you're all alone in your room by yourself most of the time...

What if you're a chatty person only to find that at the end of the day, you loses your ability to talk...

What if you're a person who loves music but at the end of the day that's your only companion...

What if you love eating and enjoying all kinds of food that's out there only to find that milk was your only staple food...

What if you're having a headache one day and faints only to find out that when you wake up you're in a hospital bed...

What if you wake up everyday wanting to get out of bed only to realize that you can't move anymore because your other half of the body is paralyze...

What if you can't do anything anymore by yourself and need others to help you what will your response be...

What if you are unable to express yourself in anyway, will you give up on trying to communicate with your love ones...

What if 5 years down the road you're still doing the same old thing every single day and that includes lying on your bed and looking up into the sky... what will you be thinking...

What if you're own dad committed suicide and everyone else is keeping a secret from you because they don't wanna upset you how will you feel...

What if you can't attend your own dad's funeral... how would that be...

What if you're not so strong...

What if God doesn't speak anymore...

What if... what if...
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Like A Rose
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Recently i'm sure some of u noticed that i'm SUPER into a1's music again... I have been flooding my fb with their links and all.

I've been asking myself why do i like them so much, well i guess it's cos they really do bring me down my memory lane. They have been part of my childhood. A group that their songs my bro n i sing to when we were younger. Their song reminded me of all the happy times i spent with my mom when she was well... seriously i don't know what else to say...

For the past few days, i mean starting from this week i've been feeling really down. Mainly bcos i was let go from my project with Jack Neo. The reason they gave me was because for the coming week the shoots are going to be tiring and demanding. They want me to take care of my health first, because i've been falling sick quite a bit these days because of my previous viral infection.

Seriously speaking, i totally understand where they were coming from, becos it's a fact that we are severely short handed and i feel bad everytime i need to rest or even apply leave. But for me personally, i've always been very sensitive when it comes to my health. I always feel that once people know that i have leukemia, they'll look at me differently.

Whenever i fill up application forms for jobs, when they come to the health section, they will ask for a doctor's letter to prove that i'm fit for work. To me i feel really hurt when i have to do that. I don't know if you guys know what i'm talking about, but personally i feel what's wrong?!?!? Doesn't mean i'm not fit rite? It's just leukemia! That's how i see it though...

And what's more is that even though i know i'm sick, i always give my 150 percent in all the things that i do. I try not to give problems... (If i did, i'm sorry.) I'm not angry that they let me go, but just upset that the reason they gave was bcos of my health n all. I mean it will be so much easier for me to accept the fact that i didn't perform up to standard or something.

My bro told me, this world and society is very "REAL". We are working for them n not them working for us. But all in all, i still do look forward to furture projects with them. I'm just unlucky this time cos i haven't got the time to fully recuperate from my viral infection, but i'm sure at the end of the year's project i'll be fine.

Pls do pray along with me k? :D

Anyway back to topic, like i said i've been feeling really down these days bcos of that, but today when i listened to a1's song Like A Rose, ironically, it reminded me of God. And somehow i felt sooooooo comforted. :)

Let me share with u why... here's the lyrics to the song.

Like A Rose
Written By: Ben Adams, Mark Read and Paul Marazzi

And as I look into your eyes
I see an angel in disguise
Sent from god above
For me to love
To hold and idolise

And as I hold your body near
I'll see this month through to a year
And then forever on
Til life is gone
I'll keep your loving near

And now I've finally found my way
To lead me down this lonely road
All I have to do
Is follow you
To lighten off my load

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe
You open doors that close
In a world where anything goes
You give me strength so I stand tall
Just like a rose

And when I feel like hope is gone
You give me strength to carry on
Each time I look at you
There's something new
To keep our loving strong

I hear you whisper in my ear
All of the words I long to hear
Of how you'll always be
Here next to me
To wipe away my tears

And now I've finally found my way
To lead me down this lonely road
All I have to do
Is follow you
To lighten off my load

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe
You opened doors I closed
In a world where anything goes
You give me strength so I stand tall
Within this bed of earth
Just like a rose

And though the seasons change
Our love remains the same
You face the thunder
When the sunshine turns to rain
Just like a rose

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe
You opened doors I closed
In a world where anything goes
You give me strength so I stand tall
Within this bed of earth
Just like a rose

You give me strength so I stand tall
Within this bed of earth
Just like a rose

Basically i feel that the song points me to God, the chorus especially reminded me that this is how God allows me to grow and how i am loved by Him. Maybe i'm thinking too much, but i'm always thankful because this is how God speaks to me most of the time when i'm feeling very very down. I mean, why do i only listen to their song now? Rite? I haven't touched their song for the past 4 years or so, so everything do happen for a purpose.

I guess through this lonely journey, i can only depend on my Lord and He'll understand. Though i don't understand y, but i'm sure that a few months down when i look back at this incident, i'll give thanks and know that I've been blessed due to the circumstances. Don't u agree with me? :D

PS: Ben said this was their lamest MTV so far... haha n i totally agree! lol... XD

God Bless u all my friends!
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A1 - Take Me Home
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Scroll down for music! :D

As some of u whom have known me since like 10 years ago would know that my favourite boyband then was A1... But after their 3rd album, they disbanded and i guess it was becos Paul left the group for some personal reasons.

I was REALLY sad at that time, but as time passed by, i didn't feel as sad, just felt that it was a pity that they weren't around the music scene anymore...

Then for the past 2 years, i found out that my favourite member, Ben Adams was still producing music and singing, so i got really excited. Too bad i couldn't get his cd, cos i gotta buy it online, which i don't know how... (I'm not a very tech savy person)

But here's the song that i really like... Sorry

And then just this year, there were news that A1 are getting back together (Ben, Mark and Christian only) for a end of year concert in i forgot where (i can't be bothered cos i'm very upset that i can't go cos it's no where near asia!!!) and i was happy that they were active again...

Then just recently, THEY RELEASED A SINGLE!!!! A1 is BACK!

I am so so so so happy! Recently they performed live at X-Factor and they really did mature and improved alot alot alot... Take a look for yourself... Mark's voice is so mesmerising... :D

Here's some of the old videos of them... hope u'll enjoy and hopefully it'll bring back some memories for u guys. :)

Ready Or Not

One More Try

Caught In The Middle

And the MOST classic of all No More! Cos it's shot in Singapore's Tang Dynasty. COOL!

That's the entertainment for this week! Hope u'll like it! God Bless!

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Where Got Ghost!
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Scroll down for music!!! :)

Where got ghost!

One of the thanks giving that i have for this year is to have the chance to work with Jack Neo for his movie, "Where Got Ghost".

It was really an eye opener for me, in terms of the working world as well as the 'spiritual side'. As the title tells it all, it's a ghost story. We went to lots of places to shoot, it was truly enjoyable, but yet at the same time it was a lot of hard work.

We were in the kampong, the forest, houses and hostel. Basically everywhere! Met a lot of ppl and learnt a lot. I never had the chance to learn all the things that i've learnt in school... sorry to say, i don't think u'll ever get to learn unless u get hands on from the industry itself.

It was God's favour that i even had the chance to work with them. Because i never imagine that my first project will be with Jack Neo. :)

Here's some pic with some ppl...

This is Leonard, He is the 2nd AD(assistant director) as well as the conti and script supervisor. A very difficult position i feel, cos u'll need to multitask. (Which i'm not very good at... lol) He taught me a lot along the way and i'm thankful that i can learn from him... :D
Leonard n Me

This is Vecce, she's the makeup artist for this project, who is my very good friend now... :)
Vecce n me

This is Qian Yi da ge, he is truly a great actor. Super devoted i feel. :)
Qian Yi da ge n Me

This is Tony, he is a new actor working with Jack Neo. He bought us mangosteen and durian during our shoot... super nice guy. :)
Tony n me

This is Yin Yin, the super cute and bubbly actress... super nice to talk to n fun to hang out with too... :D
Yin Yin n me

Wang Lei da ge...
Wang Lei ge n Me

Ah Nan da ge... This pic has a story behind it... just to cut it short, it's a request from 'someone' haha and here it is for YOU! :)
Nan ge n Me

This is Xing Ang, he's an actor plus a photographer for the shoot... the photos that he take is NICE! :D
Xing Ang n me


This is Li Ming Yi, a very humble and soft spoken lady. Reminds me of grandma... :)
Li Ming yi n me

This is Boris! He's the other Director for the show. He is also a script writer, there are many shows from mediacorp that are his stories... so he's like someone i look up too... :)
Boris n me

This is Jennifer... Those of u who watched the show and wonder who is the ghost in red? Well... here she is! haha she's actually a 16 years old teenager, pretty rite? :)
Jennifer n Me

Last but not least, Jack Neo and me! :D
Jack n Me

Here's the trailer... PLEASE support the show!!! DvD is out in stores! XD

HP Trailer

Official Trailer

As of now, i'm working with them once again for the upcoming new year movie called 'Being Human'. Be sure to catch them in cinemas k?

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Some Entertainment ^_^
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Scroll to the bottom for music! :)

Recently, i've been hooked n yes i mean HOOKED onto this group... Though i've been listening to their music and kinda like them, but ever since their full Jap album, i fell in love instantly... haha yes i know i'm bias... but then again that makes me me rite? :)

Here's a few of my favourites... ENJOY!

Gara Gara Go

声をきかせて (I so love GD and TOP's image here... :D and i totally love Daesung's vocals... ^^)

Lollipop Dance Routine (I wanna dance! :))

Lollipop Mv

Where U At (This is Taeyang their lead vocalist)

Heartbreaker (He's my favourite amongst them! :) G-Dragon/ GD=Good... lol )

Breathe (I love this set! Cos it's keyboard!!! :))

This group has fan aflame my passion for dance once again... And i've decided! That my next year's wardrobe shall be COLOURFUL!!! haha neon bright bright colours!!! :) Look forward to it!

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April Bride
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Before i start my entry... SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR MUSIC!!! lol XD

Not so long ago, i went to watch this real story adapted movie April Bride with my friends...

April Bride

Before the movie was shown in the cinemas, i overheard it being advertised on Yes933 a local radio channel. My initial thoughts were " Oh yeah! another jap movie, i'm so gonna watch it." But as i hear on, my thoughts were " I don't believe that such a guy exist. It's just a fairytale..."

Here's the synopsis...
On April 5, 2007, a couple married in a church. At first glance, it was a typical wedding. The bride (Nana Eikura), however, was suffering from late-stage breast cancer and had been given only a month to live.

If you guys plan to watch this movie, i shall not disclose too much about it. But to sum it all up, i am very encouraged by it. This is the first movie that the SET itself helped me to belief the scene and it helped evoke emotions. And also, each character was played by the actors carefully... nothing was dramatized, just as it is according to the story.

After watching the movie, i came home and searched all about Chie Nagashima. To me, she is really a heroine. Someone whom i look up to. Seriously she says the most profound things that you and i never thought about. The statement she made that made me remember till this day was "What do you do everyday? - Live." Sooooooooo many ppl cried when they heard this. To be able to live is a blessing in itself. To be able to see the blue sky, to walk by the streets and to feel the breeze is a blessing in itself.

I've been using this phrase a lot lately and that is to count your blessings. Don't compare what you don't have, but what you already have and be happy about it.

If you guys are really interested in this story and can't wait for the DVD to be out, can try searching for Chie Nagashima on youtube, you'll find the REAL documentary on the REAL couple and her journey on her last month in her battle with cancer.

If only she's still alive... There are things that i wanna share with her for the love that God has for her...

And it's bcos of her that i've decided to 'try' to make my blog a little more 'alive' cos who knows i might leave behind a story like hers when my time comes... :)

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Minor Changes to my lovely blog :D
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Hello everyone! Just wanna let u guys know that i've did some minor changes to my blog. Actually wanted a total revamp but then, i didn't find a blogskin that i like n i STILL doesn't know HTML so i can't design one myself...

But anyways, i still love this blogskin, so i will stick with it for a while... I've added my tweet board and also SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR MUSIC!!!! This is very impt, i would like to share the music that i love with everyone... :D

Till then! God Bless!
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Project P
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It's really been some time since i've last updated my blog... Anyway recently i was involved in my church ministry's young adults concert. I was the Emcee and i sang 2 songs, one as a backup vocalist and my own solo segment.

To be really frank, i was really stressed out by it. Partly because of my job that i have just started, and i had to prepare for this concert. You see, i've shared my testimony that, so that means i actually had to do up the video myself. I'm working with a laptop, cos my desktop at home crushed and no one bothered fixing it... :( so everytime i load the programme to do editing plus importing n exporting files, it lags my lap top so badly. But glory to God and thanking Him that everything went well in the end...

Here's the video that i did. Hope u guys will like it.

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And so their journey begins...
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Their journey begins!!!

YES!!! My bro is married!!!!

30th May... A day to remember. My brother who's 27 is officially married to my sis in law, Charmaine. :D I still remember the day that they first met. And how they as a couple has impacted me in one way or another...

Let's talk about Charmaine first. Initially, i didn't know how to "communicate" with her. I think it's also because of my background and all. I still remember the first time we met, we went for a hair cut together. We wanted to have some bonding time together. After the hair cut we went to have lunch (or dinner... cannot really remember the details though) and she bought pig organ soup. Haha... Funny rite? I thought maybe she didn't know i don't eat pork or something, so i didn't mind, but when we started having a conversation about aunty (char's mom) not eating pork also then she remembered i don't eat them too... lol It's really funny thinking back now...

To cut the long story short, i really tried my best to "relate" to her in many ways, and i know she's trying too, talking about things that i'll be interested in. I'm thankful, that she has the heart to want to know me better. :)

To me, charmaine is really special. I won't say we r VERY VERY close, but from what i observe and what kor write about her in his blog, i'm thankful. Because of mom and all, i know that there's this "emptiness" in us. And Charmaine is able to fill up this "emptiness" in kor. By encouraging him and loving him. Seeing him as who he is and accepts him.

I thank God for Charmaine, and i look forward to the times we spend together as a family now my 大嫂! :)

Than lets talk about my dear kor kor now... He has always been my support, someone whom i can depend on and talk serious stuff as well as rubbish with. I enjoy the times spent with him. I still remember those times that i'll be in his room, he'll be doing his work n i'll be doing mine, though many times i complaint that he doesn't talk to me and i'm the one always initiating it, but i'm still thankful that he is there...

When he first shifted out, i was really not used to it. Suddenly i had no one to talk to at home... It saddens me, but looking back now, i know God made used of this time for me to grow. Through their years of courtship, i guess it was a period for me to learn how to let go and grow up.

So what's my after thoughts? Haha... frankly speaking, i don't know... I'm just full of thanks giving and praise. We will see how ba... Both of them r on their honey moon now. So when they come back there will be more updates! :)

Let's take a look at more photos now... :D

My beloved CG
This is my beloved CG mates. :) It's funny how i went around catching up with alot of ppl during my bro's wedding... It's a lot of fun too. Happy to see those whom i've not met for a long long time too...

The webs!!!
The lovely WEB ladies!

Rongma and Faye jie
My lovely jie meis... Pretty rite? Rongma and Faye Jie

Me and the girlys! :)

Kel Choo
Haha... Kel Choo (someone whom i used to call 大舅)

Wern and Lynn
Another couple who is very special and dear to me... thank you for everything! :)

Euphe n i
This is Euphe! Haha my design buddy whom i can talk about the industry with...

Tim and guo ren
This is tim and guoren... the guys that i went on my first mission trip with. :)

Eunice n i
This is my mei mei Eunice! We should meet up soon n catch up too!

Guan Hua and Sharon
This is Guan Hua and Sharon and her bf.

Willie! Hahahaha... A very dear brother too... Jia you jia you in all that u do. Don't tire urself too much also.

Ami, my lovely boss!
This is ami! My lovely lady boss while i was an intern at her place. :)

Pretty Wedding cake
Such a pretty cake rite!!!

And last but not least my kor and charmaine!!!
Me Kor n Char

So to end of this post, here's a song that me and Charlene (charmaine's sis) wrote together for the couple. We don't have a demo yet, but it's on it's way... Hope u'll be blessed by the lyrics...

Our Father's Perfect Plan

When the boy was just an old teen(8)

The Lord reached out to save him,(7)

God's gentle love unveiled his eyes(8)
And soon he realised(6)

The Lord has a good plan for him (8)
Though there's trials all around (7)
In God's will he surrenders all (8)
Christ the Lord is pleased with him (7)


We ask of you dear Father (7)
To be their strength’s supply (6)
In obedience, eternally (8)
May their life’s praise edify (7)

Dear Papa Lord, let them love you (8)
And in Your love abide (6)
To build a happy Family (8)
Lord Jesus, be their guide (6)

Verse 2

Then one day she was praying, (7)

"Dear God please lead in my life" (7)
She learns to love through God's eyes (8)
And soon she realised (6)

That God can be her lover (7)
And in His perfect plan for her (7)
The boy who chased God’s heart with her (8)
Has softly plunged in love (6)

Chorus 2


A lovely bride so sweet and pure,(8)
To love and cherish forever more(8)
In prayer he thanks Thee joyfully(8)
He praises God for her(6)


A groom in shining armour bright(8)
To be her pillar and strong support(8)
She'll trust Your plan and rest in peace(8)
She'll love God's masterpiece(6)

We ask of you dear Father (7)
To be their strength’s supply (6)
In obedience, eternally (8)
May their life’s praise edify (7)

Dear Papa Lord, let them love You (8)
And in Your love abide (6)
To build a happy Family (8)
Lord Jesus, be their guide (6)


May You bless and love them more and more (9)
Let them testify Your love (7)

That's all! Have a blessed week ahead! :D
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No Music No Dream


my name


2nd Jan 1988
21 years old
My Likes

God Almighty!
Japanese Food
JJ Lin
Big Bang
Wu Jia Hui
FM Folks
My friends
Nightmare before christmas
Piano Bags
My epiphone guitar
Song writing
Facebook and many more :)
My Wish

-To be a living testimony for God and shining!
-To own a Semi professional video camera
-To own a Leica camera
-To have a personal mac laptop YEAH!!!
-To go Japan in the near future and work there
-To point more people to God. SALVATION!!!
-To be happier and healthier each day
-To see mommy well and walking around